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Taste of Glam Catering is a unique private chef and catering service that provides top tier food and quality expertise. Taste of Glam Catering Company bespoke catering to the South Florida area with private and corporate events that will delight and inspire. We pride ourselves on our gracious service and expert coordination. We also value fairness, transparency, and integrity. We are determined to produce quality food, with exceptional taste, made with locally sourced and fresh ingredients.


Established in March 2020, in the midst of COVID-19, we were able to prosper by serving families throughout South Florida. Taste of Glam was created to satisfy even the most demanding foodies. Whether you are too busy to cook or looking to host an extravagant dinner or event of the century, we specialize in executing any vision.

For any occasion, we make events come alive with our innovative menu options and an exciting live-action chef. Of course, we will shop for food, prepare a multi-course meal, and more. 


Private Chef Services: Individual menu creation to fit all culinary and dietary needs. In-home cooking services as well as meal drop-offs are available, as well as full meal service for breakfast, lunch and dinner or intimate home gatherings and celebrations.

Yacht Provisioning: Custom menus and preparations for a day, week or more on the water.  We are available for Private Chef services on-board or to collaborate with Chefs as needed to best fit client needs. 

Drop-Off Catering: We work with clients to build meals for drop off, providing well-portioned, delicious and healthy options on an ongoing basis. Meals are available with minimum 24-hour notice and delivered directly and safely to the client's doorstep.

Full-Service and Corporate Catering: For events with up to 150 attendees, our professional team can create memorable experiences for business events, residential community gatherings and all special, personal occasions.

Meal Plans: Development of daily meal plans and services for the entire family, including children, to alleviate stress in the kitchen and provide balanced and delicious meals at home.

Cooking Classes: Virtual cooking lessons on how to create restaurant-quality dishes, right in the comfort of your home, accompanied with easy-to-follow recipes. Held via Zoom, taught by our Executive Chef, Chef Kim.




Inspired by a collection of Southern cultures and cuisines, Kimbriana Aleasia, formally known as Chef Kim, is a young, passionate chef, tantalizing palates throughout South Florida. Kim found her love for cooking at the age of 6 years old. Her grandmother taught her everything she needed to know about cooking and baking. Growing up with many talents, such as singing and dancing, Kim found herself taking a fondness to the art of food. As she got older, her passion for cooking grew even stronger. 

In January 2020, Kim earned an Associate's degree in Culinary Arts, with a concentration in Kitchen Management, from Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts. Kim decided to further her culinary career by doing studies and research of her own of other countries' cultures and cuisines, to implement those skills in her ways of cooking. Also, Kim has been able to train with professional chefs by seeking employment at prestigious restaurants, such as Capital Grille.


In March 2020, Kim successfully launched Taste of Glam, LLC, as a catering and private chef service, hosting a variety of events from corporate luncheons, networking socials, extravagant birthday celebrations, family gatherings, and high profile industry brunches. Chef Kim thrives to inspire individuals near and far to follow their dreams with ambition, consistency, and motivation. For her, cooking is about more than just the end result, it's about the way her food makes people feel.


Stay tuned for what is to come from Chef Kim!

Motto: "Anything is possible, if you believe!"

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